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Terms and Conditions

As a financial institution, we are obligated to retain a high level of security in our operations and there are certain requirements that we, and hence our customers, must fulfil. All customers must meet the requirements in our terms and conditions – both for their own sake and in order to protect consumers across the globe.

General Rules

The following guidelines apply to Payzzter.  Please be aware that the guidelines may differ if you use another Payment Service Provider.

  1. The company must be registered with a registration number in Switzerland, an EU28 country or EEA.

  2. The company must be registered as the owner of the domain where the payment form is to be set up or initialised from. You can check this information using e.g.

  3. Terms and conditions including delivery terms and cancellation terms must be clearly stated on the website.

  4. If it is a subscription based service or product, then it must be clearly visible to the customer and a link to the subscription terms has to be visible on the website as well.

  5. Name, address and contact information (including e-mail address and telephone number) must appear clearly on the website. For companies, associations as well as registered aid and donation organisations that have a commercial register and/or VAT identification number, this must also be clearly visible.

  6. A clear description of the company’s services/products, including prices and taxes must be present on the website.

  7. Logos for the payment methods that customers can pay with must be visible on the website.

  8. All card information must be on an SSL secured page or connection. When a customer has completed a payment on the website, he is presented with a receipt.
Last updated: March 1, 2022